SQLBench is an easy to use monitoring service for Microsoft SQL Server

Monitor your on premises or IaaS SQL Server systems from a single web based portal which can be accessed by your DBAs, Database Developers, Software Vendors or Infrastructure partners.

Analyse performance bottlenecks, monitor usage of resources such as CPU, Memory & Disk, configure SMTP & mobile alerts securely away from your production database servers.


SQLBench is a cloud based, global platform with connection end points in many locations around the world.

Our agent-less monitoring software collects SQL Server telemetry centrally from a dedicated host (or VM) within your network before sending it to our cloud based anlaytics, alerting and dashboarding services.

The SQLBench Portal allows you to view and analyse telemetry, or you can access the telemetry data via our API.

Data Collected

The SQLBench agent connects to each instance, continously collecting the following performance and configuration data:

  • Expensive query logs (captured via SQL Trace API .trc log files)

  • Windows O/S Perfmon counters (using Windows Perfmon API)

  • SQL Server Perfmon counters (using SQL Server DMVs)

  • SQL Server Database Virtual File Statistics (via SQL Server DMVs)

  • SQL Agent Job execution statistics (via SQL commands)

  • Server configurations, Database properties, Table & Index structure definitions, Partitions, Files, Filegroups & Views

SQLBench never queries the data stored in your database


SQLBench's web based portal allows you to view telemetry, analyse problems or check in on operations from anywhere.

Role based permissions allow access to be shared appropriately with members of your team including DBAs, Database Developers, Software Vendors or IT Ops & IT Sec partners.


The SQLBench API provides direct access to telemetry data via our global edge network.

A dashboarding tool is also provided which can be used as a dashboard or as an API expression builder.


The SQLBench agent requires zero installation on monitored SQL Server systems

It can be installed centrally in your network, monitoring many SQL Server systems from a single location

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