SQLBench provides API access to your data.

Build your own dashboards, alerts or integrate SQLBench data into your own monitoring solution.

Access data from multiple SQL Server instances, hosts or accounts with a single API query.

Access points

Access SQLBench's API from any of our global network edges, currently including USA, UK, Australia and South Africa


SQLBench API pricing is simple - 1c (USD) per query.

A single query can access data from all of your servers.


SQLBench API uses a login / bearer token security model.

Create API tokens and assign them to users in our main portal.

API Dashboard

SQLBench's Free API Dashboard allows you to create visually stunning web based dashboards.

It's API Expression Builder also saves you from hand-coding API query expressions. Simply drag and drop metrics from the API Dashboard onto its graph design plane, then click the "API" button to copy your API query!

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