SQLBench allows you to configure alerts on a wide range of Windows and SQL Server sensors.

Configure, share and subscribe to alerts in the SQLBench portal and deliver them to your inbox, the SQLBench Mobile Alerts App, Slack Channel or integrate with other alert platforms such as PagerDuty.


SQLBench allows highly configurable alert sensor expressions, with many telemetry metrics in a single boolean expression.

Telemetry metrics include:

  • Windows Perfmon Counters

  • SQL Server Perfmon Counters

  • SQL Server Agent Jobs

  • SQL Server Heartbeats


Create your own Alert Sensors or subscribe to Alert Sensors created by others.

SQLBench Alerts can be defined as Private or Global, allowing you to control whether your Alert Sensors can be seen by only you or subscribed to by other users


SQLBench Alerts can be delivered via email to your inbox, to the SQLBench Mobile Alerts App or to other integrated platforms such as Slack Channels

Distribution Groups allow you to control who receives SQL Bench Alerts

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