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img SQLBench Releases |  Nov 17, 2022

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2022, the latest version of their flagship database platform.

We are proud to annouce SQLBench support for SQL Server 2022 from today!

Simply signup and use our latest SQLBench Agent which supports monitoring of SQL Server versions 2000 > 2022.

SQL Server 2022 is packed with new features, focusing on cloud integration, performance optimization & improved analytics.

Performance improvements.

SQL Server 2022's exciting list of significant performance improvement features can optimize many database workloads out of the box.

Our favourites include:

  • Tempdb concurrency improvements
  • XML Compression
  • Query Store for Read Only Replicas
  • Parallel Buffer Pool Scan
  • Ordered Clustered Columnstore Index
Tempdb concurrency improvements

"Tempdb contention" is one of the oldest SQL Server performance problem areas.

SQL Server 2022 has increased tempdb concurrency by improving the efficiency of internal latching mechanisms which allocate and map space in databases to storage.

These improvements also help to increase concurrency in some user databases, but tempdb is expected to enjoy the biggest improvements

XML Compression

XML data often consumes excessive volumes of space within databases and is infrequently accessed, simply taking up storage space and slowing down backups.

SQL Server 2022 now offers an option to store XML data in a compressed format for both XML columns and XML indexes.

Simply include the WITH (XML_COMPRESSION) option when creating a table or index.

Partitions can also be nominated individually for XML_COMPRESSION using the ON PARTITIONS() clause.

Query Store For Read Only Replicas

Availability Group Read Only Secondary Replicas allow offloading of queries from a central transactional database to secondary, read only databases.

Query Store monitors and tunes SQL query performance and SQL Server 2022 now allows Query Store to also be configured on Read Only Secondary Replicas as well as on Primary Replicas.

Query Store data about queries on Secondary Read Only Replicas is then fed back to the Primary Replica Query Store, from where it can then be utilized by the "distributed" Query Store throughout the entire Availability Group.

Further details are available here.

Azure Synapse Link For SQL

Azure Synapse Link offers a new way to extract data in near real time from busy, core databases systems without the need for custom ETL.

This feature excites us because it offers high performance, efficient data extraction to an extremely sophisticated, cloud based analytics platform.

We expect this feature to offer companies who use it, a competitive advantage in providing features built on near real time analysis of operational data to their clients.

Further details are available here.

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