Community Preview - SQLBench for AWS RDS

img SQLBench Releases |  Oct 16, 2022

We are excited to announce our Community Preview program for SQLBench AWS RDS monitoring.

We are calling out to anyone who would like to give feedback to join our testing team.

Those who provide contructive feedback can win prizes or monitoring credits, in addition to the opportunity to contribute to the design of SQLBench's AWS RDS for SQL Server monitoring features.

Simply sign up at, download the AWS RDS monitoring agent, connect it to your RDS SQL Server instance and give us feedback about your experience via our internal discussion boards.

Contribute to our design.

SQLBench for AWS RDS works similarly to SQLBench for installed instances, using our familiar agent connection utility and web portal so should be a familiar process to SQLBench users.

Even though much of the RDS feature set is already designed, we are still very interested to receive feedback from those who actually need to monitor AWS RDS SQL Server instances in the field.

This is an opportunity to influence our service with your feedback, which we will value highly.

Win prizes!

Feedback is important & we look forward to acknowledging those who help us with some fun & exciting prizes.

Monitoring credits will also be offered to those to provide useful feedback and want to continue using SQLBench.

Referral program

Referring friends to our Community Preview program will also be acknowledged with monitoring credits and prizes!

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